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GERF is an online grocery , errands servicing, and fast food ordering company that is bridging some of the important aspects of our lives to provide a helping hand. Founded in 2016 in Indianapolis the company's sole mission is to revatalize how hard working busy people live their lives.

We hold a strong belief in continously trying to study ways to improve our customer's lives. We understand that our company plays a small, but important, role in achieving this which is why we always try to provide the most efficient and easy to use tools. Without any affliations, yet, to the fast food restaurants and grocery stores we are offer service at, our motto is to get your precious cargo to you as soon as possible.

Currently, we are focusing our business only in Indianapolis and close surrounding cities in order to be able to control and provide the best service as we continue to establish ourselves in the market.

GERF will be coming to your local city soon....


Groceries fuel your life. Let us help you make sure that you get them when you want and from where you shop everyday. Having a hectic busy schedule shouldn't let you miss out on some fresh fruits or even some stress relieving home cooking.

Here at GERF we aim to make sure that your groceries are delivered to you when you want them and from your local favourite stores.

After logging into our site, you can leverage our GROCERIES service and provide or make up a list of items you want us to pick for you. While you wait, you can track your order and focus on other things.

The only cost incurred is the delivery fee(starting at $4.50 a delivery) for orders within 15 miles of our location aside from the food cost itself and a $10 service charge (were applicable).


ERrands can be daunting at times but the fact still remains the same; they need to be done. GERF is here to take some of the burden off of you.

Any locally based errands that you want done we can help. Call us your personal errand guys or chauffuers if you may. To get started on, log into our site and add a list of errands you want done, we will handle the rest!

Categories of ERrands:

The cost is based on distance accrued starting from $0.30/mile errands plus an hourly charge of $18 (minimum of $8 per errand(20 minutes)).


Sometimes you just want your burger from your favorite fast food joint right to your door. Be that it's your cheat day or that you just love their burgers so much, we can get it for you.

Log in and start adding your orders to your cart and we will rush them right to you as soon as possible.

The only cost incurred is the delivery fee(starting at $4.50 a delivery & service fee) for orders within 15 miles of our location aside from the food cost itself.


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